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Owner and Founder
Wishnu AP & Partners
(Management System Consulting)

We can discuss any industrial management system and improvement programs.
email  : wishnuap@wishnuap.com
phone : 081210490047

About Management Systems (incl Certification):
- ISO9001:2008
- ISO14001:2004
- OHSAS18001:2007
- ISO27001:2005
- etc

About Improvement Programs:
- Productivity Improvement
- QC7Tools
- Business Process Mapping and Management
- Balanced Scorecard
- Six Sigma
- etc

Please visit:
web     :www.wishnuap.com
email  : wishnuap@wishnuap.com
phone : 081210490047


Work Experiences Before 

*Proxsis Solusi Bisnis
(and acting as: operational director and senior consultant)

As a Operational Director:
Service Delivery Management
Training Management
Consultation Methodology Management

As a Senior Consultants
Senior Consultants for Advanced QualityTools
Senior Consultants for Industrial related problems(e.g: Field Process Excellence in oil & gas)
Senior Consultants for International Standards (e.g: ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, ISO27000, PAS99, PAS55)

*Author (for Elex Media Komputindo)
Smart Business Series Author

Books Published 'Smart Business Series':
1. Modern Industrial Concept (Publisher : Elex Media)
2. Lean Manufacturing (Publisher : Elex Media)
3. Special Force for Industry (Publisher : Elex Media)
4. Logistics (Publisher : Elex Media)
5. Quality Control (Publisher : Elex Media)

*Siemens Indonesia (now: NSN)
Logistics Coordinator (HCPT project)

1. Production Planning & Inventory Control
2. System Setup for Supply Chain Management
3. System Setup for Spare & Logistics Procedures
4. Warehouse to Site Delivery Control
5. Asset Management Control
6. Return Material Authorization Control
7. Mapping and Developping Logistics Area

*LG Electronics Display
Quality Assurance Supervisor

As Logistics Innovation Coordinator (TDR):
1. System Setup for Return Material Authorization (RMA)
2. System Setup for Supply Chain Management Innovation
3. Logistics Solution with Six Sigma

As Quality Assurance Supervisor:
1. Control for all International Quality Standard Requirements
2. Supervisor for Manufacturing Quality Process
3. Quality Internal Audit Supervisor

As Training Coordinator:
1. Production Manufacturing Operator Skill Up
2. Production Planning & Inventory Control Operator Skill Up
3. Material – Sourcing Operator Skill Up
4. Quality Control Operator Skill Up
5. Logistics Warehouse Operator Skill Up

As Quality Innovation Team Project:
1. Setup Quality System & Procedures for all departments

As Customer Service Supervisor – Quality Assurance Supervisor
1. Overseas Claim Support


Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Electrical Engineering - Electronics